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Excellent Project Coordination And Training Sessions

I want to thank Arun for the excellent job coordinating this project and throughout the training sessions, he was fantastic. His organization and communication assisted greatly in keeping us on track and notifying us of potential problems. I appreciate his attention to detail, even notifying me when he would be in transit and unable to respond to questions/requests.

All of my contacts with INSZoom Support during the project has been very pleasant, efficient and issues have been resolved rapidly.

Thank you,
Rebecca Beard
Waller Law

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The Best Software for EB-5

I would like to thank you INSZoom Team for all of the time you took to work with us and understand the needs we have at Jay Peak for our EB-5 program. We appreciate you customizing our data and setting up the program to help us organize information for over 600 investors. The data migration will save so much time and the reporting capabilities are exciting. We look forward to utilizing INSZoom and know it will help us be more successful with our investors. The training sessions were very informative and organized and have succeeded showing us how powerful the system can be.

Heather Whipkey
Jay Peak Resort

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Excellent Service

I wish to take this opportunity to share this feed back with you. We have recently started using INSZoom and do have to say that Arun (INSZoom Case Management Software Trainer) has been simply excellent in rendering his services to us. He knows the job and is very polite and respectful. We, as clients, value this aspect of service provider the most and find ourselves extremely happy. We would expect to have the same level of service during our relationship. Have a great day.

Vijay Bhagwati, Esq.
Law Offices of Vijay Bhagwati

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Incredible Training

There aren’t enough words to convey my appreciation for such thorough training. I cannot describe in words how incredibly pleased I am with the entire INSZoom staff—particularly Arun (INSZoom Case Management Software Trainer). I am happy to write that Arun’s professionalism and training these past few months was top notch.

One VERY happy Customer!!
Edit Hernandez
Hernandez Immigration Law Firm

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Very Interactive & Engaging Training

Training for a new software program can be boring and many times, useless, but I didn’t find that the case here. Arun (INSZoom Case Management Software Trainer) was engaging and very informative and above all, patient, during our training sessions. He was reassuring and I believe I will benefit from the INSZoom software – thanks in part to Arun! It was a pleasure to work with him.

Rupal Kothari
Kothari Law Group PLLC

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Implementation Was Easy

Excellent instruction and instructor; Arun (INSZoom Case Management Software Trainer) made the case management software easy to learn and answered all my questions thoroughly, effectively and did not fumble in his responses. The method of teaching he chose was clear, concise and organized. Everyday we meet for instruction was pre-planned and reviewed to the fullest. When he began to test my knowledge and understanding of what was taught that day, he was patient and kind in guiding me in the right direction every time I was wrong. Arun is articulate and speaks on an even keel. I am glad he was my instructor!!!

Dorothy Cherenfant
Exodus Immigration Law Firm

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We Enjoy INSZoom Case Management Software

Arun (INSZoom Case Management Software Trainer) was very knowledgeable and managed our training sessions very well. We had a mix of experienced and inexperienced users and training was helpful for individuals at all levels. He was amenable to all requests for various topics and to meet different schedules. We really appreciate everyone’s efforts at INSZoom and have thoroughly enjoyed the product. Thank you for all your patience, diligence, and interest in assisting our firm.

Lori Dowell
Phelps Dunbar LLP

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Awesome Trainings

This training was really very good. We have been using the program for quite some time, but due to circumstances out of our control, were never able to sign up for official training. These training sessions were very good. Arun (INSZoom Case Management Software Trainer) was a great teacher and was able to answer all of our questions. He was able to deal with our group and we really appreciated it!

Stephanie Weaver

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Easier & Efficient Training

Arun’s (INSZoom Case Management Software Trainer) extensive knowledge of INSZoom was very helpful, since he showed me the best practices in order to make it easier and more efficient for me to work with the program. Arun’s great organizational skills based on my questions created a precise and more to the point training. Also, Arun’s great customer service and easy going personality made me very comfortable when it was time for me to ask questions. I think Arun is an excellent trainer and would love to take more training classes with him.

Olivia, Saks, Garcia & Curiel US