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Great Product & Rich Features

I think the training was very helpful, especially at the beginning to get us going and using the system. INSZoom has so many features, it can be quite intimidating at first. Arun (INSZoom Case Management Software Trainer) was very patient and answered all of our questions to get us going. He was also very flexible with scheduling and/or rescheduling our training sessions and fixing any bugs that we came across.

Henry Costas
The Costas Network Law Center

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New INSZoom Product Looks Crisper & Clean

I noticed the change right away a few days ago because it looked very nice! I think the new UI on the horizontal menu is excellent and a lot better than the old one. It looks ‘crisper’, cleaner, and seems to work/load faster. You guys did a good job!

Basim Kamal
Unviersity of Michigan

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Easier & Efficient Training

Arun’s (INSZoom Case Management Software Trainer) extensive knowledge of INSZoom was very helpful, since he showed me the best practices in order to make it easier and more efficient for me to work with the program. Arun’s great organizational skills based on my questions created a precise and more to the point training. Also, Arun’s great customer service and easy going personality made me very comfortable when it was time for me to ask questions. I think Arun is an excellent trainer and would love to take more training classes with him.

Olivia, Saks, Garcia & Curiel US