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You Were Such A Great Help Today

Karthik (INSZoom Support Rep) Thank you so much! You were such a great help today. You were clear and concise and knew exactly what solutions were needed to solve working with our client’s questionnaire responses and getting that data populated into the system and into their forms quickly and accurately. I appreciate your careful listening and taking the extra steps to make sure my database was running quickly and that my concerns were handled completely. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, as well and I did remember you, by the way! 🙂

Terri L. Mayo
Haynes and Boone, LLP

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INSZoom Implementation – The Great Experience

I would like to briefly share our experience with INSZoom.

First, Ed (sales rep.) was just wonderful to continuously follow up and show us the different versions of the software– our practice has different needs for software than most, although we are quite large, we have multiple other systems in place for case management, so we were only looking for forms software– we did not need billing or case management. Ed really went over, above, and beyond to make sure that the software we ordered was the right “fit” for our group.

Next came the implementation phase– we at this point met Arun (Implementation specialist). Let me stop here and tell you that in all of my years in doing this (which have been many), I have never had a more wonderful person to work with than Arun.  He has really taken his time to explain the process to us, and he has constantly gone over, above, and well beyond my expectations with regard to customer service.  He has shown so much patience during this transition, and his training skills have been beyond exemplary. We have a very wide variety of people working with our group, and all with different computer skill/comfort levels.  He has always taken the time to explain things, answer questions, and show us whatever needs to be done to resolve the issues.

I know we had an issue with IE vs. Chrome, and now that we are on Chrome, things are running much more smoothly. While I understand that our operating system overall needs to be updated, that is not something we in the immigration department have any control over, but we have been assured by Firm management that the upgrade is coming. Of course, due to our Firm being so large, that type of change does take time and money. I am hopeful and optimistic that we will be able to transition smoothly.

Arun has also been instrumental in ensuring that our historical data from ImmPro was transferred efficiently and as easily as possible. He, myself, and Josh Dylan spent countless hours trying to figure out how to best transfer our historical data. While things on our end were a little iffy, Arun’s constant perseverance and dedication to completing the task was assuring and really made the process much easier.

I was involved in the transfer from ImmPro to Tracker (over 7 years ago), and that process was the worst nightmare. So, naturally, we were really terrified about the transition from Tracker to INSZoom.

Arun and his team have been just amazing to deal with in all of this. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of the continued assistance and patience they have shown to us.

April Shepherd
Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLC